Couple Travel Insurance vs Single Trip Travel Insurance: Which One is Better?

couple travel insurance SingaporeTravel insurance could be very useful if unexpected matters happened when you are in a strange environment. Lost or damage baggage, missed flights, illness, cancelled tours,theft can ruin your trip which you have well planned for a long time. These insurances can help you fight against the loss may suffer due to the cancellation speaking of a trip. The coverage may vary related to the kind of insurance policy that you have purchased as well as the duration.

If you just travel once or twice per year, then single trip travel insurance can be the most cost effective solution to make sure that you are covered for a variety of eventualities. As the name suggests, single trip travel insurance gives you the protection you need for only one particular trip, and the price will vary from insurance company to company. Therefore, you should make a comparison when purchasing for a typical seven day holidays before making a final decision.

With a single trip travel insurance policy, you’ll be covered for a combination of eventualities including holiday cancellation, loss of baggage, injury & illness, theft of holiday money & possessions, emergency repatriation and public liability. Usually, a comprehensive insurance policy will allow you access to a 24 hours manned emergency telephone number so that to ensure any claim is resolved quickly and efficiently.

However, if you are enjoying overseas holiday with your wife or husband, or partner, it will be cheaper to take out couple travel insurance Singapore which can cover both of you two rather than two separate policies.

For each of you, cancellation cover including prepaid activities such as ski lessons or excursions can be up to an amount which is as high as the cost of your planned trip. Travel delay cover allows you to get compensation for any disruption to your travel plans. Even catastrophic coverage will protect you against losses as a result of natural events.

While many travel policies may provide protection similar service. However, it’s important to figure out the terms and conditions of a travel insurance policy before you buy it. You should need to check exactly what it covers and what it excludes while it may sound obvious. The company may not include all the things that you want to insure. The level of insurance varies from one person to another depending on what kind of travel insurance policy you get. Therefore, you should know what the policy covers and then to decide which policy is best suit your need. Additionally, you should also pay more attention to the benefits you can receive when getting claims for your travel insurance.

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