Why IPLC Is Important to Your International Business?

IPLC As businesses become more multinational, timely and faster communications with overseas operations or offices are required. As the backbone of business strategy and operations, communicating information reliably and efficiently have become essential. So as that corporate communications networks. In order to best protect business information, the international connectivity between customer’s offices should be highly efficient, reliable and best performing.

IPLC is short for International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC). It is point-to-point service connecting two fixed locations anywhere on earth with only an international private circuit. This allows dedicated communications with best performance and guaranteed bandwidth at any given time. Unlike overloaded or oversubscribed public networks. IPLC services are not affected by congestion so the network connectivity is always reliable. Services is running under the Terabit DWDM Multinational Network backbone so that the reservation of bandwidth & network resources is assured.

IPLC service in Singapore offers a varied menu to best suit customers’ applications and communication volume. Solid support such as network establishment, operation, and maintenance for businesses from the time customers place their orders is also provided based on close connections with overseas telecommunications carriers. As there is no restriction on the communication media that can be used, therefore, customers can combine fax, voice, data,  teletype and images… simultaneously without concerning the separate network connection for each service type. Customers can also share the IPLC service with non-contracting parties or connect to other electronic communication circuits making for an economic and efficient network when given certain conditions.

By selecting suitable transmission speed for communication volume and applications of your business, you are able to build a highly economical and efficient international network. Since a reliable international private line is a point-to-point digital circuit transporting business data, voice and video. IPLC is network technology based on Synchronous Digital Hierarchy topology. It is the most robust and mature network platform implemented in the backbone network. In fact, IPLC not simply deliver but offer the most secure point-to-point only connectivity delivering with an E-1 interface per link. Therefore, when looking for IPLC service in Singapore, you should shop around to ensure IPLC provider is reliable and dedicated offering professional and timely service at any given time 24/7/365.

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